The DVD-R150 multimedia receiver offers superior flexibility in installation and use for superbly low price. Providing a surround sound from two speakers only (plus a powered suboofer as an option), using the most sophisticated SRS circuits, but at the same time a power capability to run a great variety of high quality speakers.

The list of features on DVD-R150 is very long: Doby Digital and DTS surround decoding, handling of MPEG4 discs, but also MP3/MP4 players through the built in USB input, also accepting SD memory cards.

Last but not least, it is equiped with high valued HDMI video output for best picture quality.



Technical Specs.


Output Power:

Frequency Response:


Signal to Noice Ration:

Dimensions (WxDxH):


2 x 50 W at 4 ohms

2 x 40 W at 8 ohms

20Hz - 20kHz (+0,5/-3dB)

<0,2 % at rated power output


275 x 125 x 350 mm

5,8 kg