Quotes from SA-300SE / CD-300SE - Review in Hi-Fi News, (UK, March 2009):

Moving to the System Fidelity duo, the performance of the musicians sounded altogether more spirited and energetic. The acoustic of the recording venue appeared more reverberant too, giving the impression of a larger space and greater three-dimensionality to the sound image.

These inexpensive components sounded big, bold and powerful with a crisp and detailed top end. Moreover, subtle details buried within backing tracks in the mix were clearly revealed. Possible critisim of lack of bass resolution is critisism compared with what can be achieved from components costing many times more than CD300/SA300.

...It's unlikely you'd be dissapointed by its bold and vivacious performance.

The company boasts ťno-nonsence construction and designŤ which shows in utilitarian casework, although the solid alu front panels add a reassuringly chunky feel. Given the modest price of these components it's surprising that they come with designer remote control handset that feel weighty and add a real touch of class. Button layout is logical too, making the System Fidelity a breeze to operate.

Quotes fromSA-270 and CD-270 - Review in AUDIO Magazin. (DE, 12/2008):

Fine Northern European design language, and for this price level surprisingly noble brushed metal front panel. That’s how people with taste and vision are building their hi-fi units!... Praising about the vocal erotic of System Fidelity!



Quotes fromSF-5000 - Review in HOME CINEMA CHOICE (UK, 10/2008):

Overall then, the Series 5000 system has both welly in the low-end and a precise, if rather bright top-end. And with a broad midrange sweeping from the front three speakers, the system as a whole paints a full and vibrant image. The fact that the front pair required af fair amount of space means the won't suite every room but their sound, in the right system, certainly will have a wide appeal.

The Danish invasion continues.


Quotes fromSA-250 and CD-250 - Review in AUDIO Magazin. (DE, 10/2008):

Compared to the offers of mass producers, the sparkling Danish duo has a high fun factor.
CD-250 were described as CD-Player with sparkling sound and good timing. Good price offer.


SA-250 Amplifier described as Agile and consistent to the fact outgoing Amplifier. Good price offer.



Quotes fromSystem 250 - Review in STEREO Magazine (DE, 8/2008):

The CD-250 is the undoubt highlight of this trio. Balanced, fluid and with a sonor ground tones, the CD-250 is reproducing the sound in a natural and clear manner and is therefore an ideal partner to the amplifier of the same brand or any other system. The features are all there, nothing is missed. The finish quality and materials used are far above the average in this price level.

In this price level the ST-250 cannot be the master of its art, but it is still far beyond any excuse level. With strong signals from the antenna the ST-250 sounds nicely noiseless, fluid and homogenious, with audible smoothed high tones, which is basically a good thing, especially with the stations playing compressed pop music. The name of the station is shown though the RDS as usual, but surfing through the frequencies is very pleasant thanks to the rasterized tuning knob.

The amplifier shines the same way as its two partners with for this price level an unusually high class finish quality and a complete feature set, featuring even a MM-phono stage. Soundwise is the SA-250 on a fully warm side of the spectrum, pushing a lot of bass through. That makes fun and entertainment in listening, even if here and there some musical detail might get lost and compacting the soundstange. But all in all, the SA-250 is a true top-offer!


Quotes fromSF-5050 test review in HI-FI World (UK, 06/2008):


On audition the SF-5050s turn in a very well balanced performance across the board. Detail retrieval from the ceramic tweeter was excellent and the top end is crisp and lively. Across the mid the SF-5050s offered fine levels of presence and atmosphere, setting up a decently capacious soundstage that stretches above and around them well. The loudspeakers were able to immerse me in the music and they set up a believably three-dimensional performance.






Quotes fromSF-5050 & SF-5010 test review in Hi Fi & Musik Magazine (SWE, 03/2008):

These are two very well-built and nice loudspeakers you should not miss. The small SF-5010 win ones heart by deliverying amusing hifi where the focus is more on the design and build quality that pure audiophile sound.

But it's the SF-5050 which sounds with real weight and authority and with overall superior sound, harmonious and airy.

But after all, both loudspeakers are very praiseworthy and warmly recommended even if the SF-5050 receive an extra plus in the margin..

Quotes fromSF-5050 test review in HIGH Fidelity Magazine (SWE, 07/2007):


Where have they saved the money? That is a question you have to ask yourself when something looking like 20-30.000 kr. Is sold for 8.000 kr. It is not a secret that the Chinese labour cost is the biggest reason for the low price. Beside that, it is hard to find other than some small issues to indicate that we are not flying high level price.

Let’s first make it clear: you get incredibly much hardware and finish for your 8.000 kr. if you invest in a pair of System Fidelity SF-5050!

Its sound abilities are also high value. SF-5050 is a relatively slim sounding speaker. The treble is wide stretched and airy the midrange is neutral, but unforgivable – it reproduces what it gets – not more, not less.

The bass is the point which may divide people a little. It is slim but precise and very dynamic. It pays off to test with your own equipment where they should finally be placed. We preferred it together with equipment that has a little extra punch in the bottom. With other words: the bass is more for audio purists than for bass addicts who prefer quantity over quality.

In one word – a beautiful and well sounding speaker for relatively small money.




Quotes from the SF-5050 review in HI-FI CHOICE magazine (CRO, 07/2007):


The top model of the new speaker brand has a lot to show. For a fair price.

“...SF-5050 sounds truly warm and relaxing, but also very airy and open, never even approaching the zone of sharpness or clinical analytics. That is probably thanks to the tweeter performance, which reproduces the tones on the very edge of the tonal spectrum easily and without any problems, a reproduction caused problems to almost all other loudspeakers we have listened to in this price range! The vocals on SF-5050 were sounding very sensual, articulated and only with very low amount of sibilants.

...The speakers kept the very similar tonality also in the mid and low range, and both were firmly and invisibly connected to the rest of the frequency range. The warmth in sound was expressed here even more than in the high spectrum, especially in the bass area. The voices sounded rich, with just as much details as it is necessary. The lowest part of the frequency spectrum sounds really very deep, although they cannot reach the very bottom. The bass was full bodied and very firm and tight.

...Correctly positioned, the 5050’s will easily virtually disappear from the room, and will leave beautiful and accurately painted sound stage with exactly transferred instrumental positions in front of the listener.”

Verdict: 90 % - Best Buy





Quote fromthe SF-5050 & SF-5010 review in MULTIMEDIA magazine (SVK, 11/2006):

“Soundwise both models vindicated their qualities without any hesitation. Stream of pure, undistorted music hit me right after I connected them on for the first time.

The drive of these boxes is of an exceptional high level and all ranges of music are presented in a perfect balance. The high range is unstrained and very smooth. Midrange, critically presented in vocals, is at most understandable and the low range can play with the percussion really well. The performance tends to be very spacious, which makes the listening to an orchestra a completely different experience.

Compared to other reference speakers, they might lack a bit of spark though, but despite this little con, they mix a most delicious cocktail of sound, sweetened by the exceptional price level. Simply put, beautiful piece of Hi-Fi for peanuts!”

Quotes from the SF DVD-R200 review in CINE en CASA magazine (ESP, 2006):


SIMPLY BRILLIANT - System Fidelity defines once again what the complete AV set should be

“...A very convincing result, both in multichannel (where the 40Watts seemed to be scarce, but well enough to drive any satellite or bookshelf speakers with right sensetivity) and stereo, where I significantly noticed the good design of the amplifier. In fact, one of the advantages of this unit is, undoubtly, that it does not miss personality when we want to enjoy the stereo music, thanks to the careful stress of the manufacturer in searching of a perfect balance between cinema and music.

CONCLUSION: We have always had a certain dislike to the “all-in-one” solutions, even though we can find very attractive solutions at a more expensive prices. Belonging to the basic level, this DVD-R200 from System Fidelity defends itself very well, joining efficiently the best of multichannel and stereo amplification, with a refined and up-to-date design for a really competitive price. A solution for the initiated that will permit them a very fast progress.”

Verdict: 5 stars out of 6

Quote from the SF-500 series review in CINE en CASA magazine (ESP, 2006):





CONCLUSION: “The 500 series of System Fidelity must not label the company, as the quality of its future products is concerned. They promise a lot!

About what we have tested, the SF-500 series of speakers turned out into a perfect option when aesthetic forces the choice of compact cabinets. Much more than a simple set of speaker satellites (though they need a subwoofer), they will captivate not only for their visual simplicity but for their correct enough sound!”

Verdict: 4 stars out of 6





Quote from SF-2030 review in T3 magazine (CRO, 09/2005):


“The sound presented by SF-2030 was way above most of the speakers we have heard so far in this price level in most of the vital elements of sound. Tonal balance and timbre were very good, and although the general sound spectrum leans on the bass area, the sound has lot of character, generally warm and bodied. Despite the emphasized bass, it never loses control and there’s never any boominess or distortion even when playing very loudly. The dynamics is much more agile from any comparative speaker and the space dimensions of the sound are way above the average.”

Verdict: 5 stars out of 5