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System Fidelity was formed by a number of people within the audio industry who all share the same goal.

We always want to make the best possible products at any given price point.

In todays world there is a need for products in every price range and we intend to fulfil this need by producing speakers and Stereo-system that meets the requirements of today.

Our distributors who have vast knowledge about each of their markets guides System Fidelity with valuable information about products needed in the market place.

At System Fidelity we hold a large network of manufacturers we use to produce products developed by our European Team.

Join the Group and see what we can do for your business.


AUDIO ELECTRONIC Hifi Geräte Vertriebs G.m.b.H

Himbergerstrasse 27
A-1100 Wien

Tel. +43 1 6897694
Fax +43 1 6897696

HR Wien FN 1166 55b
UID-Nr. ATU-147 48 807
GF: Peter Ziegler